Shalom by the Bay – We exceeded our fund-raising goal!

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608CJC’s May 18th fundraiser succeeded beyond expectations, thanks to the magic of the Band of Angels led by Julie and Jhos, the production team and volunteers, and, most of all, YOU, our audience – our friends, our members, our virtual sisters and brothers.

A standing-room-only crowd filled Berkeley’s Rudramandir, enjoying sweet melodies and soaring vocals courtesy of Julie Batz, Jhos Singer, Danny Carnahan, Avram Frankel, Sarah Stickel, Vicki Frankel, Dana Frankel, and Pele-Or Greenberg.

None of this would have occurred without the energy, wisdom, and hours of work provided by our Associate Producers Rani Cochran, Cathy Hauer, and Taly Rutenberg. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

TODAH RABAH and YASHER KOACH to our Executive Producers Rani Cochran, Karen Erlichman & Jana Rickerson, Cathy Hauer & Nancy Baker, Kerry Lobel & Marta Drury, Taly Rutenberg & Joel ben Izzy, and Jan Schreiber & David Hudson.

The concert crew who rocked (shlepped, sliced, diced, designed, ushered, welcomed, wiped, vacuumed, poured, packed, and bookkept) before, during and after the show, included: Joel ben Izzy, Sarah Burdge, Judy & Myron Burdge, Diann & Frank Chethik, Karen Erlichman, Rachael Gershenson, Linda & Chip B. Goldstein, Cheshire Isaacs, Benjamin Jacobson-Bell, Julie Kriegler, Zoe Kriegler-Wenk, Amy Lansky & Steve Rubin, Nancy Margulies, Ann & Mike Polom, and Sara, Sterling, & Sage Russell.

Tip o’ the kipah to our prize ticket donors, “Anonymous,” Wendie Bernstein-Lash, and Phil Chapnick & Linda Bea Miller.

Thank you all . . . for a really good time. Awww-main!

— Linda Jacobson, your Event Producer