Our Farewell to Jhos and Julie — and Don’t Forget Your Mitzvah Gift in Their Honor!

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Yes, it’s almost here: our Fond Farewell Reception for Jhos and Julie, ending with the poignant Havdallah ritual.  As I said in the previous letter, we know it’s a time that brings up all kinds of thoughts and feelings…whatever comes up for you will be welcome this Saturday afternoon (November 15 from 3-6 pm at Skylawn — top of Hwy 92).  We’ll be together, for you, for us, for each other.  For planning/food purposes, please click here to let us know you’ll join us.
Keep in mind traffic – and let’s carpool! This is an opportunity to not just say goodbye to Julie and Jhos, but to honor our time together and also to support our entire community through this transition.

Mitzvah Gift — It’s not too late to honor our congregation and outgoing clergy with a gift to help us sustain our sacred community.  Please consider a Mitzvah Gift to whichever CJC fund appeals to you (General, Music, Leslie Sachs-Williams Memorial Clergy, Educational Scholarship).

Unlike in previous years, CJC will not have a year-end appeal, so this is a very special and vital opportunity to help us grow and thrive into our future. Use this link to pay by Paypal, or send in a check to our PO Box (address at the bottom of this message) and be sure to indicate which fund you choose. We’d like to announce an approximate amount that we’ve received at the event, so please complete this soon.  Many thanks and much gratitude.


Pacifica Shabbat Service — And don’t forget our last home-based Kabbalat Shabbat Service with Jhos and Julie, in Pacifica on Friday, November 14.  Avram Frankel will join us as our guest instrumentalist.

Vegetarian Potluck Dinner at 6:00 pm
Service at 7:30 pm
Oneg Shabbat and dessert to follow
Hosted by: Miriam Salzer, David Dunn, & Eliana

Kindly RSVP to Julie for directions and so the hosts can plan accordingly. Thank you!! If you have a couple of folding chairs, please bring them.  Please remember to bring your own dishes, utensils, cups and napkins (along with your potluck item) to help keep our CJC gatherings as green as possible.

I feel such gratitude for all the ways we help each other, all the ways we make things happen in this community, and all the ways we show up.  Looking forward to seeing you all show up on Saturday!  And beyond: mark your calendars for the December Shabbat on December 12 and the Chanukah Party on December 21, both at our Holy Family ‘Shul.’

Cathy Hauer
CJC Board President