Chanukah Celebration delighted all ages and faiths

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Article by Cathy Hauer

Photos by Ken Myers

Our Annual Chanukah Party was filled with the sights, sounds, and tastes of the holiday. It was wonderful to see our community, friends and family, and many folks from Holy Family Church.   We’re so glad you all came!

The ceremony

Heart-felt appreciation goes to our wonderful and hardworking volunteers, including Ann and Mike, Trish, Diann, and Sigal for helping set up and decorate beautifully; Linda G. and Wendi for selling lots of raffle tickets; Chip for getting the latkes sizzling hot; Annie and Laura for songs, music, and great sing-alongs; Sigal for family crafts; Sara and her family for leading us in the candle-lighting blessings; and everyone who helped before and after, especially with clean up. The crew from the church helped out a lot, too.

On behalf of CJC, we presented Vicar Michael and his HFC congregation with their very own menorah, which was lit alongside all the others in a beautiful blaze.  The three raffle baskets were filled with goodies and so many tickets were sold, we covered our expenses and more!

Group sing-along
Sara Russell as a
spinning dreidel
And a special shout-out to Sara for donning the dreidel costume and spinning away, to Chanukah songs, with a smile on her face. Well done!  This was a lovely gathering that reinforces how good it is to gather with community.