CJC Clergy Search Meeting – 12/4/16

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December 4, 2016


Rabbi Jane Litman

Phil Chapnick

Cathy Hauer

Annie Blair

Sara Russell

Linda B. Goldstein

Chip B. Goldstein


Two Years ago what were we Focused on?

  • What’s our identity?
  • Keep congregation going
  • Who are we going to lose?
  • Mourn the loss of our clergy
  • Help people feel held
  • Pastoral Support
  • Keep up attendance
  • Help through transition, and experience as an interim


Search Committee

We need to clarify goals of the search committee, so they are all on the same page moving forward


Brainstorm Goals for a rabbi

  • Administrative skills
  • Deep knowledge and spirituality beyond Jewish context
  • Keeping our music vibrant
  • Experience leading a synagogue
  • Experience with synagogue administrative skills
  • Jewish knowledge and spirituality
  • Keeping our music vibrant
  • Supportive of welcoming synagogue program, inclusive, diversity, interfaith families
  • Live locally
  • Grow membership, and outreach to families with young children
  • Organize and run a religious school
  • Establish an internal B’nai Mitzvah Program
  • Dynamic services, participatory and engaging
  • Open to different perspectives on what Judaism means to different individuals
  • Entrepreneurial, grow a congregational and in it for the long term


Next Steps

  1. Share info regularly with the community
  2. Need to make sure people know what stage we are at include in newsletter
  3. Next community meeting (January) ask attendees to rank above goals and say what we could live without
  4. Discuss Plan B and for how many years