Our Clergy Through the Years

“Who was our Rabbi when…..”  As an aid to our communal memory, here’s a list of our official spiritual leaders, with some links to information from or about them.  If you try a link and it no longer works, let me know.

~ Laura


2017-Present, Rabbi Ted Riter

Ted’s Website

Half Moon Bay Review Article, “Changing of the guard for Jewish community”

2017-Present, Lissin Lev Cheya, Song leader

Lissin’s Website

2015-2017,  Rabbi Jane Rachel Litman

Adjunct Instructor in the Women’s Spirituality program at California Institute of Integral Studies.

Half Moon Bay Review article, “Jewish Community welcomes new leader”

2000-2014, Maggid Jhos Singer

Eli Talk:  Come to your self

2001-2014, Julie Batz

Julie’s Website


1998-2000, Serena Eisenberg

Rabbis Without Borders

Half Moon Bay Review Article, Purim’s commandment: Celebrate