Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission

The mission of Coastside Jewish Community is to provide and sustain a community for Jews and their loved ones who are seeking a place for unique yet traditional Jewish spiritual and cultural expression. We strive to be inclusive and welcoming, and to embrace the diversity of people from a wide range of Jewish backgrounds. Our liturgy, music and ritual practice draw deeply from Judaism’s rich spiritual heritage, while infusing tradition with new meaning.

Our Values

The following is a summary of our shared values and kavannot (intentions) as a community, which informs our vision of who we are and how we grow together:

  • Acceptance/non-judgment
  • A clear and shared sense of identity that reflects our commitment to education, spirituality, Jewish/Coastside culture, community and relationships
  • Being connected to the tradition while also being innovative
  • Many ways to connect with the Divine and with each other, particularly through music and lifecycle events
  • A shared desire to be together and honor the importance of our interdependent wholeness
  • Tikkun Olam and Social Justice
  • Bikkur Cholim and Gemilut Chasadim (acts of loving kindness)
  • Supporting each other in times of joy as well as in difficult times
  • Cultivating a Jewish spiritual practice as individuals, families, and as a community
  • Promoting future and continuation of Judaism and Jewish values
  • Education for children, adults and families
  • Hachnasat Orchim (hospitality and welcoming)
  • Including our children as an integral part of our community
  • Outreach and inclusion for interfaith couples and families, LGBT families, single parents and people considering conversion or returning to Judaism
  • Building relationships with the larger Coastside community, especially other faith communities, and with the greater Jewish community on the Peninsula and around the Bay Area
  • Creating regular opportunities for dialogue about issues of interest and concern to the community
  • Encouraging lay leadership in all aspects of community life, working in partnership with our clergy
  • Full participation in the life of the congregation by the members, reflecting our belief that we are a community with many gifts to offer, where we all teach and learn from one another
  • Cultivating a sense of Jewish ethics, values and spirituality that respect a wide spectrum of theologies and practices