Tapestry Day 2 Jhos


CJC has been graced by some extraordinary storytellers in our community. Enjoy these sermons from previous year’s High Holy Days, and relish their stories of inspiration, comfort and hilarity.

Drashot (sermons) by former CJC Maggid Jhos Singer:

Jhos’ Rosh Hashanah Drash 5774 (2013): “Back to the Garden”

Jhos’ Yom Kippur Drash 5774 (2013): “I’ve Decided”

Members’ Drashot (sermons)

Nancy Margulies’ Yom Kippur Drash 5774 (2013): “Inadvertent Angels”

Wendy & Jaime McConachie’s Rosh Hashanah Drash 5774 (2013): “Home”