Our Spiritual Leader — Rabbi Ted Riter

I am so honored to serve as the new rabbi of Coastside Jewish Community.

In some ways, being with CJC reminds me of my childhood in a small town in central Texas – a place where everyone wanting to experience Jewish community was welcomed with open arms.

By beginning my own Jewish journey in this small town, I learned that Judaism was an intentional way of life that transcended synagogue attendance and encompassed culture, ethics, action, worldview, and community. This lesson carried me to the Reform Movement’s Hebrew Union College, where I earned my rabbinical ordination, and later to the Renewal Movements’ ALEPH program, where I earned my ordination as a Mashpi’ah (spiritual director).

Much of my career was spent serving large congregations in Southern California. However, for the past three years, I have served as an Interim Rabbi for communities in Jackson, Mississippi and San Francisco. One day, perhaps, I’ll write a book entitled “From Confederate Flags to Rainbow Flags,” documenting my seamless transition from the synagogue in Mississippi that predated the Civil War to Sha’ar Zahav, a historically LGBTQ synagogue.

In addition to my work with CJC, I have a coaching and consulting practice (www.tedriter.com). I am also currently co-writing a book for the corporate world that provides a platform for exercising character traits in individuals, in order to bring a healthier environment to the workplace. Early iterations of this project are being tested in tech companies in the San Francisco Bay Area and in the Empowered Leadership Initiative.


If you would like to be in touch with me directly, please email me at: RabbiCJC@gmail.com.