Holy Books Study Group

The Holy Books Study Group is in its twelfth year, and we are reading Gnostic Gospels.

Yearly, the Holy Books Study Group alternates between Jewish scriptures and holy books of other religions. Our intent is to read each text completely, and discuss those aspects we find most interesting, touching, frustrating, or puzzling. This objective has become a bit challenging as some religions don’t necessarily have a central text, and later Jewish writings are diverse and vast.  In these instances, we have read books that are said to be representative, or more approachable.

An exciting development this past year, has been occasional Skype visits by Rabbi Jane. While we continue to enjoy being a leaderless group, Rabbi Jane’s insights to religious study help us to gain a greater depth of understanding.

The texts we have studied are:

2005/2006: The Torah

2006/2007: The Koran (Islamic)

2007/2008: Began the Prophets (Nevi’im)

2008/2009: Began the New Testament (Christian)

2009/2010: Completed The Prophets (Nevi’im)

2010/2011: Completed  the New Testament (Christian)

2011/2012: Writings (Ketuvim)

2012/2013: The Bhagavad Gita (Hindu)

2013/2014: Pirke Avot (from the Mishna, often referred to as “Ethics of the Fathers”)

2014/2015: The Dhammapada (Buddhist)

2015/2016:  Legends of the Jews, by Louis Ginzberg, a collection of stories from Midrash

2016/2017:  Gnostic Gospels


We are all teachers; we are all students. We choose not to have a leader.

We meet on Mondays from about 10:00 am (we always start with schmoozing!) to 12:00 pm at each other’s homes on the Coastside.  If interested, , or talk to any of its members – Vaughn Harrison, Diann Chethik, Rachael Gershenson and Laura Alster-Martin.