CLD: January 11, 2014

It was a cold, greyish and wet day on the coast. Never the less, the Shabbat service and FLD on January 11th was full of excitement to welcome some special guests: one of them being the CJM Torah! That has turned the day to a bright and uplifting one.

The other guest, little Elliot Cyrus, had the [sleepy] adventure of going through a Naming service with his delighted family.
Maggid Jhos and the amazing voice of our Shlichat zibur– Julie, lead us through the special Shabbat service honoring the CJM Torah. The Torah was used for the weekly portion- Shirat Hayam. Its distinguished calligraphic design drew an ‘OHH’ from the community. Julie sang it while the Torah is held up for all to see the special written text.For our educational part of the day, a small group of people gathered around the bimah to hear all possible stories about this Torah; about the soferet and the contemporary, unique Torah dress. Jhos and Julie scroll the Torah to see the parchments up close, the scoring and the unique letters’ writing. Both explained why this Torah is especially unique and complimented Julie Seltzer and her teachers. The small group was very actively participating in adding comments and asking hard and interesting questions. I can confidently say it was very exciting to see a Torah up close and get the explanations hands-on. That certainly up-lifted everyone’s experience and left a wonderful mark in their memory.It was very special, as Julie added, to see our ‘out of the box’ unique designed ark, which celebrates its bar mitzvah this month, holding a Torah in each of its chambers for the first time!

We continued the day talking about the Sh’ma, the six words core prayer, central in Jewish tradition. Why is this prayer so powerful? And then, the group made a glass mezuzah for their homes. A picture of one gorgeous mezuzah is on our FB page.And lots of thanks to Jhos and Julie, who make these experiences so lively and personal to our community!