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Compared to other Bay Area congregations, CJC provides a very affordable experience for individuals and families of every economic means. CJC will not turn anyone away because of inability to pay, but we ask that you donate what you can to contribute to our financial stability and organizational viability.  If you have any questions about membership, including dues, please contact Dave Schorr, Treasurer (650-726-2842); or CJC at 650-479-5252 or

For the 2017-2018 membership year, Individual Membership dues are $800 per year and Family Membership dues are $1,200 per year.  A Family Membership  includes one or two adults,their dependent children, if any, and dependent parents, if any.  We gratefully welcome dues over and above our regular membership rates.  Member benefits include High Holy Day services for all members (no tickets will be sent), but do not include the cost of High Holy Days childcare. Paid-up family membership is required for all families who wish to enroll in CJC Family Learning Days.

“Friend of CJC” membership is available for those who are paying members of another Jewish congregation and want to support and feel a part of Coastside Jewish Community.  Dues are $400. Friends of CJC are entitled to attend one Gregorian day of High Holy Day services (Rosh Hashanah eve, OR Rosh Hashanah day, OR Yom Kippur Eve, OR Yom Kippur day); as with regular membership, this does not include the cost of High Holy Days childcare. If you are joining as a Friend of CJC, please tell us the name of congregation where you are a paying member.