Add A New Post on the Website

Adding a new post (10/5/15)

  1. Log onto the website.  Your user will need to have author or admin capability.
  2. Go to the dashboard
  3. In the left navigation bar, SELECT “Posts”
  4. SELECT “Add New”
  5. Notice the “Visual” and “Text” tabs near the top right.  Unless you want to enter HTML code, always make sure you’re in Visual.
  6. Paste or type your information.  Do not include pictures.
  7. If you want to include a link to another website, SELECT the text you want to link, CLICK the link icon at the top .  This will bring up a small window.  Enter the URL, optionally, provide a title for the link, and check “Open link in a new window/tab”.  CLICK “Add Link”.
  8. CLICK “Save Draft” if you want to include a picture in the Slide Bar, or if you want to add pictures to the Post.  If you don’t, skip to Step 13.
  9. In the left navigation bar, SELECT “Media”
  10. CLICK “Add New”; follow instructions to add one or more picture(s) to the Media Library.  If you want the picture in the Slide Bar, choose or edit so the picture dimensions are about 560 wide, 290 tall, then add to the Media Library.
  11. If you want to add any of the Media pictures to your Post, position your cursor where you want the picture. CLICK “Add Media”   This will take you to a window with all your media.  CLICK on the one you want, and CLICK “Insert Into Post”.
  12. If you want the picture in the Slide Bar, “Set Featured Image” on the lower right side of the screen,
  13. Designate the type of post this is, by choosing one or more “Categories”.  Click in the appropriate boxes.  When changing categories, such as to put it onto the home page or changing it from ‘future’ to ‘past’, go to the “Posts” listing, and use “Quick Edit”.
  • “Featured” will put the post into the home page slide bar, enabling people to read the post by clicking on the picture when it comes by.  It will also be included in the “FEATURED” list which can be selected from the top navigation bar.
  •  “Home-Left” will cause the item to post on the home page on the left side under the slide bar.
  • “Home-Right” will cause the item to post on the home page on the right side under the slide bar.
  • “Future Events” and “Past Events” will put it into the named list under “Events” on the top navigation.  When an event is done, use ‘quick edit’ to switch.
  • “Uncategorized Blogs” is the default if you don’t choose a category.  It won’t display normally, but you can find it by selecting “Blog Categories” in the right navigation bar, and then selecting “Uncategorized Blogs” from the drop down menu.  These instructions are being categorized this way, so you can always find them on the website, but they won’t automatically appear.
  1. Set a date to show on the posting by scrolling down to the Month and Day fields.  Use month abbreviations.
  2. You can then “Save Draft” or “Publish” and “View Post”